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CVSA 2015 Operation Safe Driver Week is October 18-24, 2015 - Fleet Safety Tips

Operation_Safe_DriverA week of intensified traffic safety enforcement  - Operation Safety Week - is approaching!  

This program launched in 2007 by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) in partnership with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and with the support from industry and transportation organizations, was established to help reduce the number of crashes, deaths and injuries resulting from crashes involving all type of motor vehicles, including commercial trucks, buses and cars.  

During Operation Safe Driver Week scheduled for October 18-24, 2015, many activities will be held across the United States, Canada and Mexico with the goal of increasing commercial vehicle and non-commercial vehicle traffic enforcement, safety belt enforcement, driver roadside inspections and driver regulatory compliance.  This will be accomplished through increased enforcement and education.  Education events include, outreach programs throughout the week at high schools, state capitals, state fairs, truck rodeos, sporting events and other locations.  

During last year’s week-long campaign, law enforcement officers in the United States and Canada pulled over a combined total of 59,080 commercial vehicle drivers and car drivers for unsafe driving behaviors.

Overall, it was found that the top 5 unsafe driving behaviors from last year’s campaign for both commercial vehicle drivers and car drivers were very similar and are shown below:  

shutterstock_64165480The top five warnings and citations issued to CMV drivers were:

  1. speeding,
  2. failure to use a safety belt
  3. failure to obey traffic control devices
  4. improper lane change
  5. following too closely

Lane_crossThe top five warnings and citations issued to passenger car drivers were:

  1. speeding
  2. failure to use a safety belt
  3. failure to obey a traffic control device
  4. possession/use/under the influence of alcohol
  5. improper lane change

What should Motor Carriers and drivers do to ensure that they are safe and have a successful Operation Safe Driver Week? 

Motor Carrier:

  • Inform drivers about Operation Safe Driver Week and what to expect to ensure fleet safety
  • Ensure that full compliance to all DOT regulations are being met
  • Educate drivers on DOT transportation regulations and on company policy and procedures
  • Repair items noted on vehicle inspection reports and roadside inspections
  • Discuss safety compliance and safe operations to drivers


  • shutterstock_111864434Always enforce the rules of the road and buckle up
  • Pre-inspect the condition of the vehicle, ensure the load is secure and mirrors are adjusted properly
  • Obey speed limits and traffic signs.  Slow down in bad weather conditions and when driving in construction zones
  • Maintain a safe following distance and check mirrors constantly
  • Make safe lane changes, only as necessary
  • Be focused on driving and avoid or minimize in truck distractions such as eating, etc.
  • Be fit for duty, never drive under the influence and be sure to get enough sleep before driving.
Fleet Safety driving should not be limited to Operation Safe Driver Week, however with this program’s emphasis on enforcement and education, it will certainly help educate all drivers, both commercial vehicle drivers and car drivers about safely sharing the roads with each other.    
To find out about Operation Safe Driver Week educational and awareness events going on in your state, contact the commercial vehicle safety division within your local state police department.

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