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Big Rigs Achieving 10 MPG Will Become a Standard In The NEAR Future!

Posted by Katerina Jones - Chief Marketing Officer on 11/9/17 11:59 AM

Fleet Advantage was founded in 2008 on a number of principles formulated around information technology. It was also founded upon the necessity to help organizations improve their tractor fleets’ productivity and to reduce operating costs by improving their fuel efficiency from 6.0 MPG to 10.0 MPG. One of the cornerstones was the Greenhouse Gas Mandate that took effect in 2011 with its requirement to reduce CO2 emissions, which can only be accomplished by improving fuel economy/MPG.  The technology and supporting data analytics have arrived, and we are now seeing the results we knew were there - tracking a goal of 10.0 MPG.

A recent success program called “Run on Less”, organized by the Carbon War Room and the North American Council for Freight Efficiency, proved that 10 MPG is possible using technology that are available on the market today. The results exceeded the original 9 MPG goal set by CWR and NACFE.

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Topics: Data Analytics, Fleet Management, Fleet Optimization, GHG, Fuel Economy, NACFE