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The Truth About Maintenance And Repair Costs: What Is Plaguing The Corporate Fleet Transportation Industry?

Posted by Wesley Hall, CTP on 3/10/23 11:00 AM
Fleet professionals are struggling with pinpointing ‘why’ and ‘where’ their costs are rising, important questions often asked by C-level executives.
The simple answer is that inflation is driving all prices up, extended life cycles are driving costs up, and the additional maintenance repairs due to those extended life cycles, component parts and fuel degradation–not to mention rising labor rates for drivers, mechanics and third-party providers are all expensive.
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Year In Review – Looking Back on 2022 and Looking Forward to 2023!

Posted by Elizabeth Gomez - Marketing Manager on 12/30/22 8:58 AM

Looking Back on 2022 and Looking Forward to 2023!

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Tune in to Transport Topics Radio This Saturday for Everything You Need to Know for Fleet Winterization in 2022!

Posted by Elizabeth Gomez - Marketing Manager on 12/14/22 11:01 AM

How Winterizing Your Fleet Will Be Different This Year

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World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2022 in Transportation

Building a positive fleet safety and health culture in the transportation industry
More transportation fleets are paying attention to their trucks' safety obsolescence in addition to their economic obsolescence, meaning safety has become a larger reason to upgrade to newer truck technology.
In 2016, Tracy Morgan, a NYC comedian, had an accident with a tractor-trailer with a well-known public company that concluded in a settlement in excess of $100MM.  Additionally, heavy-duty truck fatalities have reached an all-time high over the past ten years, with judgments and settlements reaching $20 - $200 million. Statistics show that new safety features reduce collisions by 22% and improve government published safety records.  Following that unfortunate event, we began a robust investment and research initiative, including the acquisition and testing of the latest state-of-the-art safety technology. 
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Transportation Tips: How to Protect your Drivers this Winter

Posted by Matthew Wiedmeyer, CTP on 12/20/21 5:19 PM

Winter weather brings so many challenges, especially to those in the transportation industry.
The winter months demand increased safety measures and supplemental equipment to keep rigs (and drivers) from expensive damage. Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty suspects that adverse weather can cost the transportation industry north of $3.5 billion each year.  Your drivers are the first line of defense in winter maintenance for your fleet’s tractors, and keeping your equipment safe is also important – as we outlined in a previous blog.

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NPTC Driver Safety Letter June 2019

stop. trains can't.

We all need to take greater care at highway-rail grade crossings. A highway-rail grade crossing is an intersection where a roadway crosses railroad tracks at the same level or grade. Such crossings may be encountered on both public and private roads. There are more than 250,000 such crossings in the U.S. Although the highway safety picture has improved considerably over the last decade, still too many people are killed and injured every year at grade crossings. Of all the highway-rail grade crossing incidents annually, around 500 involve trucks or tractor-trailers. This translates to an average of about 10 per week. 

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Latest Fleet Advantage Survey Shows Vast Communications Challenges Between Truck Fleet Operations & Finance Departments

Finance and Operations Not On The Same Page Regarding Focus Of Fleet Cost Management and Procurement

Fleet Advantage, a leading innovator in truck fleet business analytics, equipment financing, and lifecycle cost management announced today its latest industry survey showing where there’s a significant lack of communication between fleet operations and finance departments within many organizations with a private fleet.

Where Is the Lack of Communication?

The online survey shows private fleet management personnel highlighting several obstacles when trying to communicate fleet operational needs with finance departments. Signifying this lack of communication, 37.5% of fleet executives cited the inability of their finance departments to clearly communicate the company’s financial metrics and goals to the operations department as the largest communications struggle. An additional 34.4% said finance doesn't understand the benefit of investing in newer equipment; and 31.3% said finance doesn't understand various operating costs associated with the fleet.

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