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Denying Climate Change May Cost You – Earth Day Topic But Everyday Responsibility

Posted by Fran Flynn - Vice President of Sustainability on 4/22/15 12:10 PM
Fran Flynn - Vice President of Sustainability

As we planned to launch our blog on Earth Day 2015, we struggled for just the right topic until coming across a report on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, a budget and proposed reforms that address climate change efforts in the coal industry.  This prompted a question to my colleague, “Do you believe in climate change?” “Absolutely!” he responded.  He continued, “Has there always been climate change?  Absolutely!  Will there always be climate change? Absolutely!  

Denying Climate ChangeDoes that mean it’s not our responsibility and duty to be good stewards of the Earth and make wise use of our God given resources and do all that we can to conserve those resources and set an example for future generations?  Absolutely Not!”  And he is right on all counts. 

So this Earth Day, with passionate supporters on both sides of the climate change debate, with environmental justice advocates rightfully clamoring for corporate responsibility, and young inventors producing amazing technologies to incorporate in the sustainability effort, the question is: What difference does it make if climate change exists or not?  The answer is that no matter what industry we are in or what we do as individuals, it is our responsibility and solemn duty to be good stewards of the Earth, conserve our resources and set a good example. 

I have studied fuel burn and its resultant emissions for the past seven years and am well aware of the effects of emissions produced by the transportation industry, specifically the heavy duty truck sector.  And although I loathe the imposition of government regulations and most regulatory interference in the private/corporate sector, there are many benefits of transportation climate change regulations particularly as they pertain to preserving natural resources, reducing CO2 emissions and improving overall air quality around low-income neighborhoods, where distribution centers are typically located.

Many of America’s top corporate fleets have already realized the benefits associated with climate change regulation in terms of both environmental stewardship and big payoffs to their bottom line.  Smart fleet managers are opting to replace their entire fleets with regulated clean diesel technology—advancing environmental sustainability efforts across the country.  So, on this 45th Anniversary of Earth Day, recognition is deserved for those who proactively set the example to preserve the splendor and majesty of Mother Earth and have the wisdom to recognize that some regulations lower costs to all consumers.  We encourage our readers to applaud their efforts, to patronize their businesses and to share their achievements socially.

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