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Diesel Fuel Winterization - Prevent Delays Due To Fuel Problems Without Compromising Your Fleet's MPG Performance

Posted by Matthew Wiedmeyer, CTP on 11/18/15 12:18 PM
Matthew Wiedmeyer, CTP

For heavy duty truck fleets, the winter months are more than just that risky season when they have to be extra careful in driving. As fleets prepare for the harshest season for trucks, the question of MPG performance, disruptive breakdowns, fuel supply and how to effectively treat fuel that can be used in cold temperatures emerge. Download this whitepaper today to learn about winter’s effect on MPG and how to prevent delays due to winter fuel problems without compromising your MPG performance.


Download this whitepaper to learn about:

  • Why MPG drops during the winter months
  • How to eliminate fuel gelling and icing
  • How to keep storage and truck tanks free of water
  • How to treat the fuel
  • Process of blending

Topics: Fleet Maintenance