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Matt Hendrix, CTP - Director of Fleet Services

Matt Hendrix brings over 20 years of mechanical, operational and fleet management experience to Fleet Advantage. In the late 1990's, Matt's expertise in the fields of maintenance, component replacements and diagnostics led him to become interested in on-board diagnostic technology. Specifically, Matt leveraged ECU technology to provide more accurate predictive maintenance analytics which resulted in a more cost effective fleet geared toward safety. With the use of strategically placed sensors Matt was the first to develop and patent a system that provided for the automatic notifications of maintenance and safety items. This provided front line mechanics with the day-to-day insight of vehicle repairs.

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The Difference Between Good and Great Fleet Preventive Maintenance

Posted by Matt Hendrix, CTP - Director of Fleet Services on 7/9/15 11:31 AM

The impact of a preventive maintenance inspection today compared to the same inspection 10 years ago is monumental.  Today, there are many components on the powertrain that are costly to replace; including Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Turbo, EGR coolers, etc.  These components can have catastrophic failures and affect other components downstream.  If an internal coolant leak in the engine occurs, it results in the coolant being burned through the exhaust.  This will have a definite impact on the DPF - causing it to have premature failure.  This is just one example of additional repair expenses that could have potentially been prevented with Great Preventive Maintenance (PM).  

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Where The Rubber Meets The Road… Fleet Maintenance Best Practices

Posted by Matt Hendrix, CTP - Director of Fleet Services on 6/10/15 12:38 PM

Proper tire inflation is one of the most important items when it comes to fleet maintenance.  On a daily basis, tires lose pressure even when there is not a parasitic loss. Studies show that on average, tires lose one pound of pressure per month.  Gone unchecked, this can result in serious monetary loss to the company and loss of time to the driver. 

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Topics: Fleet Maintenance