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Transportation Tips: How to Protect your Drivers this Winter

Posted by Matthew Wiedmeyer, CTP on 12/20/21 5:19 PM
Matthew Wiedmeyer, CTP

Santa DrivingWinter weather brings so many challenges, especially to those in the transportation industry.
The winter months demand increased safety measures and supplemental equipment to keep rigs (and drivers) from expensive damage. Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty suspects that adverse weather can cost the transportation industry north of $3.5 billion each year.  Your drivers are the first line of defense in winter maintenance for your fleet’s tractors, and keeping your equipment safe is also important – as we outlined in a previous blog.

What about drivers' safety?
Drivers are facing increased danger during this time of the year. Fleet managers should focus on ways to prevent incident expenses involving drivers that rise due to poor visibility, slippery sidewalks, and overall lack of preparation. These factors put your drivers at risk of preventable injuries.

It is important to ensure that your drivers know how to assess each stop, scan for potential hazards, and proceed with caution. Winter safety training is especially important for fleets that want to minimize injury-related expenses.

Did you know?
During the winter months, drivers are working longer shifts, and changes in weather conditions from snow to rain cause surfaces to be more slippery. This can turn one small misstep into a catastrophic mistake or injury.

  • Slip and fall injuries are the #1 workers’ comp claim year-round and are most common in the winter months
  • One in five injuries result in more than 31 days away from work
  • 61% of delivery driver injuries are slips, trips, and falls
  • The majority of work-related injuries for truck drivers are related to trips, slips, fall, and overexertion due to manual materials handling
  • During winter, long shifts and slippery surfaces magnify every mistake

How to prepareshutterstock_233453707 (1)
SambaSafety is kicking off a safety series that will provide managers and drivers important tips on how to prevent slip and fall injuries. They recently released it’s 5 S.T.E.P.S to Prevent Driver Injuries This Winter and it has the best winter safety tips to ensure you keep your team safe.

Here are the Five Steps, you can start implementing today:

  1. Stay in Control
  2. Take Care and Look
  3. Ensure a Good Grip
  4. Plan for Success
  5. Strains Mean Pain

You can download an injury prevention poster from SambaSafety here.







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