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Where The Rubber Meets The Road… Fleet Maintenance Best Practices

Posted by Matt Hendrix, CTP - Director of Fleet Services on 6/10/15 12:38 PM

Proper tire inflation is one of the most important items when it comes to fleet maintenance.  On a daily basis, tires lose pressure even when there is not a parasitic loss. Studies show that on average, tires lose one pound of pressure per month.  Gone unchecked, this can result in serious monetary loss to the company and loss of time to the driver. 

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How Fleets Save Millions in Operating Expenses by Reducing GHG Emissions

Posted by Fran Flynn - Vice President of Sustainability on 5/15/15 11:51 AM

The terms “government regulation” and “increased corporate profit” at first glance seem to be a conflicting association.  In 2003 federal mandates went into effect to reduce heavy duty truck diesel exhaust emissions, Particulate Matter 2.5 and NOxemissions harmful to human healthand continued through 2010.  Manufacturers spent hundreds of millions of dollars in research to develop technologies to comply with the mandates and passed the cost directly to the consumer.  Although the technologies reduced emissions by as much as 96%, the transportation sector suffered a decade of often failed technologies that caused severe budget and maintenance headaches within their operations. 

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CVSA Annual Roadcheck Planned for June 2 – 4, 2015 - Fleet Safety Checklist

Inspections, inspections, inspections.  From random roadside inspections to the annual CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) Roadcheck occurring on June 2-4 and annual CVSA Brake Safety Week (September 6-12), fleets and drivers are continually being inspected for safety practices in an effort to keep our roads safe.

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Denying Climate Change May Cost You – Earth Day Topic But Everyday Responsibility

Posted by Fran Flynn - Vice President of Sustainability on 4/22/15 12:10 PM

As we planned to launch our blog on Earth Day 2015, we struggled for just the right topic until coming across a report on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, a budget and proposed reforms that address climate change efforts in the coal industry.  This prompted a question to my colleague, “Do you believe in climate change?” “Absolutely!” he responded.  He continued, “Has there always been climate change?  Absolutely!  Will there always be climate change? Absolutely!  

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